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People might want lock rekeying for various reasons. When the current house keys are found in the hands of previous tenants, business partners are dismissed, the tumbler of the lock has been damaged or simply key change is required. In any case, the great experience and expertise of Ajax Locksmith will be very valuable. We are certainly knowledgeable and have the knowhow to engage in any requested service but when you want to Rekey Locks at your property, we are definitely the best technicians in Ajax.

Lock rekey service by expert pros Rekey Locks

We Rekey Locks of many types for a great number of years and having also sophisticated equipment at our vans we ensure great services. We are distinguished in Ontario for our discretion but also our speed, especially if our customers have serious problems and require same day or 24/7 service. Since we are experts with all types of keys and locks, we promise accurate key replacement. Whether the car, office or home key is lost or damaged, you can expect immediate arrival. We cut the new key with precision and rest assured that it will turn in the lock smoothly and never cause you any problems.

Master key system specialists

When you are looking for master technicians to install or even rekey and repair your master key system, call our contractors. We have worked with various master systems and can certainly replace a lost change or master key and rekey a certain lock. When you arrive at your new apartment and suddenly realize that you haven’t changed the locks but have limited budget for new locks, rekeying the locks will be your solution. Our Locksmith in Ajax offers great solutions to all. We will rekey the locks at the convenience of the client and make sure the job is completed efficiently, our customer has a new key and there is nothing that can threaten his security.